Sunday, March 23, 2008

End of hiatus

Okay, so I'm a bad blogger and knitter.

But, since I've last posted, I can now do these things:
*Knit a sock cuff down
*Cable without a needle
*Double knitting
*Chain crochet stitch!

Okay, not very impressive, but life has been rough lately. Next on the list is to learn toe up socks..I just need to learn a provisional cast on. I'm thinking about the figure 8 cast on.

I'm trying to stay focused on knitting more, but unfortunately I'm just not feeling it. There is hope though, I've been working a bit more on an ever-work-in-progress scarf.


Joanne said...

Actually, that is very impressive. Very few knitters learn new techniques this fast. There's really no reason to, knitting doesn't go on the semester system! Give yourself a break,maybe knit a couple of pairs of socks cuff down to reinforce your skills, and don't worry about it so much. Knitting will be there for you whether or not you know how to all this. I can help you with the figure 8 cast on, or provisional, or you know, you can just knit because it's a zen activity that makes me (and probably you?) feel better. I personally try to have one mindless project on the needles at all times!

Ibunnysavetroy said...

thats really not a bad list of skills to learn in about three months! it took me forever to learn a decrease!

Ashley said...

That does sound impressive! I love toe up socks and highly recommend the Turkish cast on method. Super duper easy and it turns out so seamless!

Anonymous said...

Tag! you're it! check my blog for details

Good luck with all your new techniques. I'd suggest learning the figure 8 cast on rather than the provisional cast on. I like it much better, sine provisional can be a bit tricky.

Survival of the Knittest said...

You have been tagged, I have tagged you, etc.
See here for more information.