Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chemistry v. Knitting

It seems that chemistry wins today, unfortunately. I'm treating today like a Sunday so that maybe I'll get more work done and then I'll be less stressed tomorrow. Big chemistry exam on Monday...

In other news, I have a toe up sock on the needles! However, I kind of haphazardly substituted a sport weight yarn for fingering weight and changed needles it might end up a little big!

I'm kind of thinking not though--I do have rather large feet! Guess I'll try to figure it out and keep knitting ;)

Oh, I can't wait for the seems like a beacon of knitting. After finals week, I am using my WEBS gift certificate and indulge myself with some new yarn. Although...I guess I have plenty ;)

Speaking of gift certificates, my birthday is next weekend, so I'm trying to decide what places I should ask for gift certificates from! Any suggestions?

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