Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yarn crisis.

I came home a bit suddenly for the weekend, and I thought I'd grabbed everything. Laptop, books, dirty laundry, clothes, knitting.

Except an extra skein of yarn. I am approaching the end of this ball of yarn and had a skein out to bring with me. I went to wind it just now and it is not there. I can just see it languishing in my dorm room. I ended up doing a lot of knitting when I was waiting last night, hence the almost gone ball of yarn. I guess this means that I HAVE to work on 1930 now, but, ah. The razor cami is so close to being done and I don't have any other yarn with me. I'm not really feeling like sewing right now anyway.

Now that I know I don't have yarn to continue, I'm itching to work on the cami. It's been my only wip for awhile, as I've been restraining myself. Now I wish I had something else to knit. Ahh!!!

In other news, I've picked out the scarf pattern I'm going to make for the scarf exchange. I'm going to go to the LYS sometime next week and find some nice yarn for it. I've been looking online but I definitely want to buy in store to make sure its the right color and feel.

Guess I should get back to ancient Greece now. Sigh. I love writing papers.

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm  headed back to WKU after a weekend at home. Have a test tomorrow, ick. And I have a paper to write on Lycurgus. Oh, college.

I ended up spending all of Saturday by myself just studying. Yesterday I went to lunch with the girls at Las Fuentes and then spent the rest of the
day with Curcio. It was a good day, I think. I got a watch, finally.

Waiting to go to the lys on Tuesday so I can buy the yarn for the scarf I'm making for the scarf exchange--I'm 99% sure about the pattern.