Saturday, October 6, 2007


..So, today I went to two yarn stores.

I wasn't even really wanting anything at Knit Witts! But I still made it out of there with some alpaca d.k. >.> I'm thinking I'm going to use that for Painted Lady. That justifies it, right? If there's a project in mind..maybe..maybe.

And I bought some yarn for the DNA Cable scarf..Dark Horse Fantasy. So amazingly soft! A nice gray color for a "manly" scarf..hopefully I can finish it before Xmas, because it's intended as an Xmas gift.

And some lace weight malabrigo..I'm not even a lace knitter! I haven't even made it to socks.. >.>

Friday, October 5, 2007

Yarn related purchases needs to stop. I just bought some Artful Yarns Shakespeare--I'd already been considering getting some from WEBs and then I found some on Ravelry for slightly cheaper--so I bought 3 skeins. And I bought some yarn at Crafty Hands the other day--some for the scarf exchange...and then some in a different shade for me. Eeeeek.

Razor cami is so close to being done--I need to divide for the armpits and then make the straps and all that. I was like, hey I'll knock that out this weekend! Yeah, except I didn't think to bring home stitch markers, straights in the right size (or my needlemaster, for that matter), or the yarn for the straps.

So instead I'm working on my scarf exchan ge scarf. I had the set up rows and 2 repeats done, but then I  had to frog it because I did something funky and messed up the repeat.

I'm about to limp out of here on my fractured toe, but maybe I'll post again later.